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From boiler upgrades to full installations, no job is too big or small. With years of experience in this field

we can offer you the best central heating system that your home requires. We offer a free no obligation

quotation for boiler and system upgrades, and we will beat any proven quote.

At Gas-Link, we understand that boilers can stop working unexpectedly, and the the cost of your boiler

repair or replacement can be a big worry - it needn’t be.

In making the decision we’ll discuss with you where you plan to locate the boiler and where the flue will be, as condensing boilers give off a cloud of steam (or ‘plume’) into the outside air, and you won’t want to annoy either yourself or your neighbours by having it billowing past a window.

Types of boilers

There are three basic types of condensing boiler: Regular (also known as Traditional, Conventional or Heat Only), System and Combination (or Combi for short).

Which type is best for you will depend on your home and individual needs, but we’ll be happy to give you advice on this.

Your new boiler will be a ‘condensing’ boiler. These boilers convert more gas into useable heat and cut the amount of Carbon Dioxide emitted by up to 25%. This in turn should also save you several hundred pounds a year on heating costs when in stalled correctly.

Breakdowns & Repairs

Your boiler works hard all year round providing you and your family with sufficient hot water whenever you need it. However, in the autumn and winter months the demands placed on your boiler can make even the slightest fault a serious problem.

Unless something goes drastically wrong and you have an emergency on your hands, calling out a heating engineer may not be what you necessarily would think about, yet there’s a chance that you are getting by with some aspect of your heating or hot water not working quite as well as it should be. This means you’re putting up with less comfort that you could be enjoying, and you may well be wasting costly energy.

Calling in a reputable, high quality engineer to inspect, diagnose and repair your central heating system is the key to ensure your boiler is working to its optimum efficiency.

We offer a boiler repair service that is efficient, professional, and not nearly as expensive as you might

think. With plenty of experience and expertise in fault finding, you can be sure we will look to resolving

any issues in a timely and cost effective manner.

If your boiler cannot be repaired, we have a number of new boiler installation options designed to suit

your home.


You should get your boiler serviced regularly to make sure it’s working properly. A faulty boiler could waste you money on energy and might even start leaking poisonous carbon monoxide. Because the gas is colourless and scentless, it’s hard to tell if one of your appliances starts leaking carbon monoxide – so you should get them serviced by a Gas Safe Registered engineer once a year.

Keeping your boiler in top condition is essential to ensuring you don’t have any problems in those cold winter months just when you need your heating and hot water the most. Even the most reliable and up to date boiler needs at least an annual boiler service to make sure that it’s operating safely and efficiently.

Full boiler service for £50

(excluding back boilers which is £70)

Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate £50 for 3 appliances

(£20 per appliance thereafter)

Combined Service and Gas Safety Certificate for £80

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