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Central Heating

We are fully qualified to work on and install any type of heating system including traditional stored water systems, unvented hot water cylinders, combination boilers and high

efficiency condensing boilers.



Your radiators play an important role in keeping the central heating system in your home running smoothly. They are positioned in the rooms of your home to project comforting heat into the air, from heated water that has been sent through the system by your boiler. If the radiators are not working to full capacity, the journey will be incomplete, and the temperatures you’ve set on your thermostat won’t be met. Regular radiator maintenance is one way to keep them functioning at a high level of efficiency, all year long.

If you are refurbishing a property and want to put in a new heating system, replace some old radiators with efficient new ones, or your boiler is on its last legs and it’s time to replace it, give us a call. We offer free quotations and all the free advice you need.

It’s crucial to have high quality parts and equipment, but equally as important is the quality of the installation. If each component is not installed according to the proper specifications, you risk having a central heating system that breaks down regularly and runs inefficiently, resulting in costly repairs and higher heating bills.


Power flushing is a intensive cleaning process for your central heating system that includes cleaning the heating water, the pipes, pump, radiators and the boiler. This treatment is carried out using specialist power flush equipment that is connected to your system which then flushes water through your system at a high rate which removes the build up of corrosion, sludge and other nasty things within. The process is helped along by the use of a magnetic filter to collect the corrosion and specialist chemicals to clean the system thoroughly.

After the system has been cleaned an additive is then added to the water in your system which helps prevent the build ups from happening again. This process can extend the life of your heating and help increase the efficiency which can save you money in the long run.

Power flushing is a vital step in every boiler installation, providing a rapid and comprehensive system clean. Among the many benefits of this process are the more even distribution of heat through the property, lower energy bills and the extended life and health of the system

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